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NewsPilot – Autopilot News Script


NewsPilot – Autopilot News Script

Newspilot : Autopilot News Cms

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NewsPilot features.

  • Easy 2 step installation
  • Responsive design with Bootstrap3
  • 2 types of users(Admin and Moderator)
  • Easy cron setup for autograbbing news from RSS or ATOM feed.
  • Dashboard statistics
  • Create unlimited Categoris and Sub-categories
  • Create unlimited News Sources
  • Easy & intelligent scheduling for news sources
  • Can pull full text new using fivefilters full text rss api
  • Can create manual news
  • Can Import News Manually and Automatically(Cron job)
  • Can extract image from descrption if image not found within media tag
  • Create unlimited widgets
  • Change homepage content by drag drop
  • Widget generator
  • Place unlimited ads using widgets
  • Easy user management
  • Create unlimited pages
  • Image and database backup tools
  • Easy translateable front end and admin panel
  • RTL support
  • SEO friendly url
  • Change logo, site title etc from admin panel
  • DISQUS and FACEBOOK comment system intigrated
  • Lazy loading for images
  • Sitemap generator
  • Open Graph to display Image when share to social networks
  • Built in EU cookie policy popup. You can disable it too.
  • and lot more


Version 1.7.0—1.01.2018

-Option added for using popular news as banner [Admin panel> content > site settings] [NEW]
-News with matched words only option added [NEW]
-Block news with matched words option added [NEW]
-facebook comment plugin version update [FIX]

Version 1.6.0—27.01.2017

-Banner slider loading issue solved [UPDATE]
-Mega menu category count added [UPDATE]
-Marquee mobile browser issue solved [UPDATE]
-Filter text option added (Admin panel > content > site settings) [NEW]
-Widget name as title option added [UPDATE]

Version 1.5.0—28.12.2016

-Sub category menu click issue solved [FIX]
-Mega menu option added [NEW]
-Paginition issue solved [FIX]

Version 1.4.0—10.10.2016

-404 message issue for archaived news solved [FIX]
-Title instead of logo option added [NEW]
-Date translation language keys adeed [UPDATE]
-Facebook api version updated [UPATE]
-Category and Source menu hide option added [NEW]
-Detail page meta description issue solved [FIX]
-Duplicate image on details page issue solved [UPDATE]
-Fivefilter paid url adding issue [FIX]
-Mysqli database driver support added [NEW]
-Cron job issue if cli is not available solved [UPDATE]
-URL special character encode issue solved [UPDATE]
-Site RSS feed upgrading sorting issue fixed [FIX]
-Sharethis buttons css fixed [UPDATE]
-General user news create option added [NEW]
-Popular news sorting issue solved [FIX]
-Separate rss feed implemented for each category , source and date [NEW]
-Feature news carousel and banner option added [NEW]
-Adblock identifier option added [NEW]
-Subcategory added as sub menu[UPDATE]
-Tinymce editor updated. It's possible to add image within description.[NEW]

Version 1.3.0—20.05.2016

 -Option added to choose language for ADMIN panel & Website separately[NEW]
 -Grabbed image width issue on description [FIXED]
 -Five filter url changing option added[NEW]
 -Grab duration range set from 1 to 24 hours[NEW]
 -Option to extract the first image from the source article added[NEW]
 -Rss feed option added[NEW]
 -Site map frequency and priority updated[UPDATE]
 -News detail page url updated[UPDATE]
 -Unused image deletation added[NEW] 
 -All subcategory showing option added[NEW]
 -Meta tag for canonical url added[UPDATE]

Version 1.2.0—07.02.2016

-Subcategory news count issue on rightbar issue [FIXED]
-Page publishing error from admin panel [FIXED]
-Video embed on news description issue [FIXED]
-Latest news marquee issue for long news titles [FIXED]
-Manual edit issues for grabbed news [FIXED]
-Autograb for multiple sources cron issue [FIXED]
-Purchase verification issue [FIXED]
-Admin panel loading time issue [FIXED]
-Facebook login issue [FIXED]

Version 1.1.0—17.11.2015

-Grab Now option not showing [FIXED]
-Database field missing issue [FIXED]
-Widget added for the header adsense [NEW]
-Full text news grabbing option added using Full text RSS api of

Version 1.0.0 – 03.11.2015

- Initial Release

How to update

1. If you dont make any customization on any files then Just upload the update__*.zip from admin panel > upload and click “upload & install button”

or if you want to install the update manually, extract update_

_*.zip and then follow the below steps

1. Replace ROOT/application directory with application directory [Merge and replace]
2. Replace ROOT/dbc_config directory with dbc_config directory [Merge and replace]
3. Replace ROOT/system directory with system directory [Merge and replace]
4. Replace ROOT/assets directory with assets directory [Merge and replace]

NB: Please create a sql backup before update. Also if any custom work is done on you script then please
replace files carefully so that your custom works do not loose. If possible take a file backup also.
The update pack contains css files , view files , language files. So please take backup before doing anything.


For presale question and after sales developer support, pls send your message to

Please check the FAQ for more info

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