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PHP Signup, Encrypted Login & User Management


PHP Signup, Encrypted Login & User Management

Built with Bootstrap, PHP, MYSQLi, and PDO, this is a highly secure user signup/registration, login and user management script with MD5 password Encryption easy to install with our automatic 3 step installation wizard.


Salient Features:

  • Twitter Bootstrap for design and HTML5
  • Google reCAPTCHA with are you human? Validation.
  • User sign up area
  • Individual user profiles
  • User Photo upload
  • Automatic Installation wizard
  • Three user levels
  • Login expiration – Automatic logged out after 30 min of no activity.
  • Forgotten password recovery mechanism
  • Email activation link avoid Spam
  • My Profile Settings page
  • Welcome email with activation link.
  • All users export to Excel
  • View list of users in a level with quick search and editing for admin
  • Add new users manually by admin
  • Edit any user’s level or access
  • Complete user and setup documentation

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