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Splendid | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme


Splendid | Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme

Version 1.9 is out! Click here to view Update History

Fully Compatible with WordPress 4.4, 4.5+ and WooCommerce 2.5+

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Version 1.9 – July 19, 2016

- fixed: tabs issue
- fixed: boxed layout issue
- fixed: link attribute on social icons
- fixed: header style 7 mobile issues
- fixed: sideheader issues
- update: splendid addons plugin 
- update: visual composer plugin 
- update: revolution slider plugin

Version 1.8 – May 1st, 2016

- new: demo tutorial file
- enhancement: options framework
- enhancement: updated blog templates to support page content
- enhancement: added content to templates
- enhancement: updated languages, removed preloader settings
- enhancement: removed retina.js from plugins.js
- enhancement: image block shortcode
- enhancement; localization support
- enhancement: modal changes
- enhancemnet: onepage nav changes
- enhancement: side header changes
- enhancement: disabling smooth scroll on ie
- enhancement: google map changes
- fixed: issue with font and js on new VC
- fixed: blog template content editor issue
- fixed: modal z index issue
- fixed: linking #
- fixed: sidemen issue
- fixed: offset issue
- update: splendid addons plugin 
- update: visual composer plugin 
- update: revolution slider plugin

Version 1.7 – February 25th, 2016

- fixed: gravity forms conflict 
- fixed: scroll wheel issue on internet explorer
- fixed: maintainance mode issue while admin is logged in
- fixed: greensock conflicting with revolution slider
- fixed: scroll not working with ff 
- update: visual composer plugin 
- update: splendid addons plugin 

Version 1.6 – January 27th, 2016

- fixed: portfolio style 3 
- fixed: overflow issue on blog 
- fixed: latest posts date style 
- update: visual composer plugin
- update: revolution slider plugin 
- update: splendid addons plugin 

Version 1.5 – January 7th, 2016

- new: agency layout 
- new: single portfolio layouts
- new: mega menu with icons 
- new: mega menu with images
- new: edge to edge header style 
- new: shortcode elements
- fixed: 404 page issue
- update: plugins 

Version 1.4 – Dec 15th, 2015

- reimprovised theme option customizer
- fixed minor css and jss issues
- reimprovised demo.xml file
- added new blog header style
- fixed modern porftolio title wrapper
- updated fontawesome to latest version
- updated visual composer to 4.9
- removed content box 2 shortcode
- fixed column issue on splendid addons plugin
- reimprovised importer
- added new single post style
- fixed portfolio pagination
- fixed css issue on portfolio extended 
- changed masonry excerpt length

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