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WordPress Memes – The Struggle


WordPress Memes – The Struggle

WordPress struggles are real. I’ve seen websites get hacked, destroyed and done the wrong way since WordPress was released. You would think people would start doing things right in WordPress, but you have thought wrong. These memes just tell a story of what really goes with some WordPress developers.

  1. When you buy a WordPress Theme and you end up spending more time fixing the theme code for SEO and best web design practices.


2. When someone installs 80+ WordPress plugins slowing down the website by 10 seconds. And people wonder why the website is so slow… hmm…

3.  That time WordPress was actually insecure with Rest API and post injections. But most of the time the insecurities come from the weak WordPress plugins that keep your WordPress install vulnerable to being hacked.

4. Keeping a daily backup of your WordPress website will protect you. You never know what will happen so protecting yourself with the backups will just save you a lot of time during any event.


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